macadamia trees

My neighbor, Stu has 3 macadamia trees on his property, macadamia nuts all year round here, who knew? Him and his wife like to roast them in the oven with a sprinkle of salt, I think they’re great just right out of the shell, no fuss. Freshly cracked macadamia nuts right off of the tree taste so good, like really good, the store bought stuff doesn’t even come close. Peel away the first layer which is a husk-like shell, then you’ll need a heavy duty nut cracker like the Krakanut to crack the hard shell, it cleanly cuts the shell of any nut in half, definitely gotta get me one of those, your typical nutcracker’s too flimsy, it won’t work. Agreed we’re planting a couple of trees in our yard, planning for when I’m an old lady I’ll be making dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts from mature macadamia trees in the backyard, I think it’s worth the wait.


3 Comments to “macadamia trees”

  1. Hello, if you find a good macadamia nutcracker please let me know.
    Thank you.

  2. Do you know how much the Krakanut retailed for?? I smuggled a bag full of shelled macs from Cali to Toronto and I CANNOT for the life of me get these darn things open! Right now, I’m looking at one on eBay, but it’ll be like $30 for shipping alone. Thanks!

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