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Monday, June 11, 2012


Last year we spent the summer building our home, right now though, not so much. Still at it of course but it’s done enough though that we can live in it and take a little breather ’cause this is what beckons 2 minutes from home.

It’s pretty sweet when you have friends who live on the bluff and with private beach access too. Sitting on the stairs eating lunch, this is why I live here.

And I’m reminded how much I do like a grilled hot dog, the easiest summer lunch. Yeah, I know they’re horrible, excerpts from Michael Pollan’s, ‘The Omnivore’s Dillemma’ race through my noggan and driving by that factory-like cattle farm on the way to the Salton Sea the other week was testimony to the fact, so gross. Anyway, I’m trying to feel a bit better about my hot dog eating experience here, buying decent dogs and everything in moderation, right? Uncured, no nitrates or nitrites added, beef raised with no added hormones, no antibiotics, vegetarian fed and we’re all supposed to feel better about this processed thing made of left over parts?? Forget it! and just smother it with grilled onions, mustard, relish and this Indian style ketchup that’s not really spicy at all, but good nonetheless and all on toasted challah bread, the only kind of bread I have around, open faced and ya don’t feel too bad about lunch. I’ll try to lay off on the guilt trips, happy summer folks!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Still nudging away at this house thing, it never ends.

Last window getting installed, the rest getting tar papered and now we’re ready for the last bit of stucco to go up.

Kitchen counters and cabinets get done and the last bedroom’s hardwood floors finally get installed too.

Building and installing the last of the mahogany doors, hallway closets and the last bedroom.

The Cali sun also had me re-oiling the hardwood facia. And the storage containers that we’ve had parked in our yard for 2 years finally bid farewell with no animal casualties to report of, just a startled rabbit that shared its home with one rudely awakened skunk, both angrily bolted out from under, evicted!

The last of the mangaris (Indonesian mahogany) soffit gets installed as well, as does a patch of sod our landscaper neighbor had left over from a job, just hoping now it survives the summer heat.

And there’s no shortage of decapitated beasties around here. We figure the hawk that lives in our neighbor’s eucalyptus must be on bath salts or something ’cause it attacks and only eats the heads of its victims. Wha..what?? not looking good for non-zombies.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Salton Sea

Call us crazy to leave a warm breezy summer day along the coast and head 3 hours east to what I’d say would be the equivalent to Satan’s armpit. A comfortable 22°C to a scorching desert heat of 44°C, yeah, that was nuts guys! We had out-of-town visitors this past week so anything and everything out of the norm was on the agenda and this trip to the Salton Sea definitely fit the bill.

On our way there and the caramelized onion pizza crust salad at Wynola’s Wood-Fired Pizza Express in Julian, CA was very tasty, so much so I’m gonna try to recreate this dish at home this summer.

“A disaster created the inland sea, Mother Nature brought her to her knees”

A sleepy town full of derelict buildings

and all there was were dead fish and bones on shore

and dead fish floating in the water too

nothing to do and someone made a heart

Then there’s the self-proclaimed “last free place on earth”, Salvation Mountain near the Salton Sea in Niland, CA

and one lonely cat trying to stay cool in the shade

and “GOD NEVER FAILS” with the smoke of a roaring fire burning down a field in the distance.

All Jésus’d out for the day and we’ve been warned.

Back at home with some heat headaches now. Good thing there are some Canadians in da house bearing gifts as there’s nothing a little Old Dutch potato chips won’t cure, my favorite. Old Dutch is Canada’s potato chip. I grew up 5 blocks from the Old Dutch factory in Winnipeg, fresh air was fried potatoes air, ketchup and dill can’t beat it.