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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So Ritchie came back to demo the old front part of the house, the last of it to go, just over an hour and poof! gone! If you need bobcat/backhoe work done, this guy is your go-to guy, Faulkner & Sons out of San Marcos, reasonably priced and always a clean job.

filled up our 4th dumpster to date in no time

and the 5th dumpster arrived the following week. It was a concrete dumpster that was easily filled past the 18″ that was allowed,

and there goes the old tub,

startled by the noise and nowhere to hide now and it seems the hawks will feast

and while you’re at it can you scrape down the yard, taking care of most of the weeds, much appreciated as I had a lawn of nettles pretty much, no joke.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


rare on-set photos by Brigette Lacombe.

Awards season and catch Meryl Streep playing the controversial leader in The Iron Lady, the accolades are well deserved! I remember seeing those headlines in the paper when I was kid, some rough times in Britain and it was an honest portrayal and she always looks stunning.

photo from Vogue

Monday, February 20, 2012

guest shower/tub

A jack of all trades here and if ever he loses his day job there’s some comfort knowing he could build houses, less likely to starve is more like it but in this construction slump, who knows? And as I write this, I picture some heavy eye-rolls directed my way so in my defense I’m also proclaiming he’s officially retired from any more masonry work; ceramic, glass, stone tile, it’s all in the past now. Guest shower and tub done! and just 2 more to wrap up.

Izola shower curtain

Monday, February 20, 2012

pencil skirt

Looking at pics from the recent Burberry show and this is a stand out favorite. Skinny pencil skirts, bow waist and owls, fall…I can’t wait. Makes me want to pull out my Lanvin velvet pencil skirt with the bow waist, give it a twirl out for dinner soon. And owls? I’m on the search, Kate Bosworth’s grey sweater is perfect, especially loving the narrow shoulders.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marni for H&M

Ya know I’m a huge Marni fan so this collab with H&M is such a treat. Consuelo Castiglioni and her design team, so clever and she is definitely my kind of thinking designer. My favorite coats and jackets that hang in my closet are no doubt Marni pieces, words can’t describe how well cut and designed these staples are. The cut and tailoring’s just so thoughtful and patient, so creative and some serious mad skills to sew pieces up the way they do, like no other and it seems they won’t disappoint with this collection, can’t wait.

I’m swooning over the bracelets and necklaces, both sequin collars, the signature prints and whimsical colors. Marni at budget prices, save the date March 8, 2012! Sweet!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

still here

My trip’s been postponed til next month now and I’m still here nudging away on the house, it’s all for the best as our crew has diminished from 3 to 2 now, just me and dude are left to wrap it all up.  So yeah, after nearly 6 months of Cali surf and sun and being the extra hands to help out with our house my brother just left to return home. And no, we couldn’t have taken on this project without all the free labor and critical support from our families, so very thankful for all the good will.

Finally countertops on the brain lately and we went with a Silestone quartz. We were back and forth on the color, from a lighter shade with a natural vein to a flat light grey with no natural vein, the decision’s been made now and there’s no turning back, you’ll see soon enough, the install is late next week.

And then I came across these morroccan tiles and I thought oooh pretty, colorful and fun and so very different from what we’re doing. I do love it though, the colors and patterns do inspire just perhaps for another house, another kitchen, another lifetime maybe..

photo from TimeOut New York

photo from Kitchen Clarity

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

reno pains

Very hectic around here and getting caught up these days seems pretty impossible, hence the lack of posts. You do know we jumped the gun moving into this “new” house and of course we’re now way busy trying to get this huge reno under wraps as it always sucks to be living midst construction and sadly I might add, we still are. Making substantial progress but still not done yet, more like does it ever end? And just in case you think I’m fibbing, I kidd you not, the finishings always take the longest.

Putting the mangaris boards on the 5ft deck off of our living room

and building forms to support the frame of what will be stairs off of the side deck, getting ready for some cable railings now,

of course we nearly get done and then mother nature decides to spit rain on us for a couple of days, building outdoors postponed til the ground dries up

and filling up our third dumpster to date since we started, reno garbage sucks

and demolishing and detaching the last part of “this old house,” prepping the area before the backhoe dude shows up. Old front bedroom and bathroom’s toast now

and custom building our closet too from birch plywood we got from Saroyan Lumber,

also finished putting mangaris boards on the ceiling of our entryway

and our second random light is up too, ta da!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mai Handwoven

My family have been in the handwoven silk business in Vientiane, Laos for as long as I can remember so gifts of textiles and talk of design have always been a part of my life. Mai Handwoven is the studio and it has been such a labor of love for me to learn the craft and business to share it with everyone. Only using natural dyes and each piece is individually handwoven by highly skilled weavers, it’s really an art, amazing time-honed craftsmanship and skill. Life is brilliant like this, ya think about it, you write about it and what do ya know? last minute travel plans booked and I’m going to Laos very soon, tropical weather for 2 weeks, yes please.

The Saravan scarf is one of my favorites, here are some pics of my friend, Akiko rocking it.

My friend Mami as well elegantly rocking the Prabang scarf

and the whimsy Chavan scarf as well as the Khoa scarf.