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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong)

How fortunate I am to be living in an area where people can meet throughout the week to practice this amazing guided meditation known as Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong). My friend, Mitch introduced me to Falun Dafa and I had also heard a bunch of wonderful testimonials from strangers about it too, so of course I was curious and finally I “showed up.” My first “meet-up” was at Bindu Yoga Studio in Del Mar, just strangers and friends coming together on a late Saturday afternoon. Myself and a girl from Manhattan who was on a business trip staying at the hotel down the street were the first to show up that afternoon, both “newbies” to the practice and it was over an hour of just peaceful and thoughtful movement, the warm orange light of the sun setting into the ocean filling the entire studio and afterwards the sky was the most brilliant shades of blue with a crescent moon hovering above, there couldn’t have been a prettier setting and introduction for us. I like that it’s open, there’s no walls, no dogma, it’s not a religion, no ritual, no doctrine and how humbled am I to know that there’s people like Mitch who commit their time every week volunteering to organize these “meet-ups” up and down the coast so they can share Falun Dafa with everyone. It’s free of charge, there’s no donations and everyone is welcome, just show up, help heal your bodies, feel light with your mind clear and clean, at peace and as Mitch has said,

“…the amazing peace that you feel after practicing is genuinely pure, sincere and incredibly inspiring to human health. While the exercises help to reduce stress and bring great improvements in health and fitness, the purpose of practicing Falun Gong is to connect to one’s true inner self, to strive to be more honest, more kind, and more patient as taught by the founder of Falun Dafa, Teacher Li Hongzhi.”

Falun Dafa/Falun Gong is widespread, practiced all over the world. Hopefully you’ll be moved to action or inspired knowing that there are people out there who have been persecuted, jailed and killed in China just for coming together and practicing. The facts and the history will make you think about freedom, human rights, value and importance, offering perspective and understanding. If you’re local here’s the site where you can check the schedule for the weekly “meet-ups” and if you’re not local here’s the site that will help you locate a practice in your area. Check it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

wednesday farmer’s market

Did you know downtown Encinitas is getting a second farmer’s market every Wednesday starting this springtime? May through September, the farmers market will run from 5 to 8 p.m. and October through April, it will run from 4 to 7 p.m. taking up about two-thirds of the 80-space parking lot on the corner of Vulcan and E St. right along the railroad tracks. Come out and support local growers and artisans, Sundays and Wednesdays, sweet!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

after the storm

Recovering here from a week afflicted with that mean coughing bug that’s been making the rounds and monday night’s hail storm, my poor house and some damage control is in the works, yard drainage issues setting us back a good month now. I’m beginning to think this reno process enjoys our company a little too much, right when you think you’re nearly done, the rug of course gets pulled right from under you. What’s a little more work thrown into the lot? they won’t mind kinda deal. Mind we do of course but there’s not much you can do but bite your tongue and keep on.

And as quickly as the gopher assisted bamboo came crashing down the cable railing installation on the decks and stairways went up as well, much thanks to the guys at Pacific Rigging Loft, Inc. in San Diego. Honest dudes that did not take us for a ride and the kind of quality and good workmanship you dream of. Very nice solid stainless steel poles and cables and we finished the top rail ourselves, custom cutting, sanding and oiling mangaris handrails to blend in with the rest of the house, soften the look of the steel frame. Success.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So Ritchie came back to demo the old front part of the house, the last of it to go, just over an hour and poof! gone! If you need bobcat/backhoe work done, this guy is your go-to guy, Faulkner & Sons out of San Marcos, reasonably priced and always a clean job.

filled up our 4th dumpster to date in no time

and the 5th dumpster arrived the following week. It was a concrete dumpster that was easily filled past the 18″ that was allowed,

and there goes the old tub,

startled by the noise and nowhere to hide now and it seems the hawks will feast

and while you’re at it can you scrape down the yard, taking care of most of the weeds, much appreciated as I had a lawn of nettles pretty much, no joke.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

wood burning stove

It’s up and running finally, my brand new contemporary European Pallas Back wood burning stove that I got nearly 2 years ago for half the price on ebay, a score with a few glitches of course. The first stove they shipped arrived damaged with half of the wood crate missing, really? Take two and the second stove arrived intact at our front door. There was then the dilemma of moving this 500lb cast iron beast to sit in storage for over a year, which it did until we were finally ready for it, traveling up our sloping driveway to the road again, through the front door and into the house. It took a few people and a furniture dolly and if that wasn’t enough, try purchasing adapter pieces for a metric European stove when you live in the U.S., a country who’s main system of measurement is still the imperial system. And the photos I’ve seen of this stove model prior to purchasing it were all ones where the stove was set up right against the wall, and me knowing nothing about wood burning stove rules/regulations I soon realized that that’s an impossible scenario, a wood burning stove has to clear the wall by 18″ for fire safety. We also had to address the dude who built the chimney in the first place screwing up the measurements, the stove now needed to be an inch more off of the ground to have it line up right into the wall so yeah, we had to build up the section directly under the stove with some concrete and tile to match too. We figure one day after a good long break from building we’ll attempt to build a stone wall directly behind the stove so the heat can radiate off of that, super efficient.

Fact being, there were too many trips to fireplace shops, different solutions from different salespeople, some advice completely wrong and my words of wisdom after all of this, if you’re not certain get a second opinion. Henning’s Wood Burning Stoves in Vista was great help, and even when their parts did not fit onto our Euro stove they directed us to hit up a sheet metal place that could custom make something to fit and Addison Sheet Metal near the beach in Carlsbad did just that, delivered real quick too, nice! And considering our furnace isn’t running yet and we jumped the gun on moving in, having a wood burning stove to heat up the house now is ideal, it’s so efficient and it doesn’t take much time nor wood for the house to be toasty warm. Good thing we have lots of firewood from the trees we cut down when we first bought the property, that and the scraps from construction should last us for many, many years, sweet!

Monday, January 23, 2012

backyard studio

Moving on up, a long time coming and it’s nice to stretch out and have everything in its place, organization never felt so fabulous and what a reno! We survived and success! Seriously now, what am I gonna do with all this space? It’s not a mega sized house, far from it but after a year and a half of sharing 480sq ft, 4x more space feels like a mansion and I’m certain more cleaning and dusting is a given. And finally the studio will no longer be used as a storage locker, it’s a clean slate again and we can finish it the way we had intended all along. Of course I’ll miss being hidden in the backyard with the birds and coyotes, the rabbits and like it or not the occasional skunk or two as company. Just 2 years ago it was a site of overgrown wild brush the animals had called home, change is imminent in our ‘hood and it’s like the coyotes are clued in on this fact as well, life moving forward and they were howling up a storm the other night.

coyote serenade from dia morris on Vimeo.

Plans to redo the sink counter wall are in the works, more cabinets and a larger countertop with a fridge at the end, its own tiny kitchenette.

A proper patio deck with its own awning we can grow vines off of is another project for us this year.

Our cozy backyard studio strategically placed for all day afternoon sun and pretty sunsets.

Moving out, cleaning up all weekend and whether we knew it or not its like we were keeping in line with the ol’ Chinese Lunar New Year’s tradition/ritual of cleaning your home to expel negative energy or bad luck, making way for good fortune this new year. Check out my mom’s friend’s New Year spread in Winnipeg, the chicken is a little funny, no? Chinese/Vietnamese or not, Happy New Year! Rawr!