Hello world!

Why wait for a better day than today to start blogging? The sky here is always showing off, this morning is no exception, gorgeous blue with fluffy white clouds. The branches of the torrey pine outside my door are waving at me, pine needles falling to the ground and squirrels that call the woodpile home are feasting away. It’s a bit chilly today so I’m in no hurry to venture outside, let the squirrels eat their breakfast ’cause a slight trigger of the door opening and they run for dear life! Poor things! Don’t feel too bad for them though, knocking their teeth out on our yard everyday and they’re well fed chubby little things. All I ask now is for them to stay away from the newly planted grass seed ’cause I’ve had more than enough mud for one season and we desperately need a lawn quick. Alas we need to carry on with our day! The sun’s peaking through the clouds, the wind’s still howling from last night’s heavy rain, it’s clear now and getting warm, let’s do this! My name is Dia and I live in Leucadia, CA with my husband. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, smack dab south central Canada where the Assiniboine and Red River meet, more famously known as hometown of Neil Young with some brief stints post university living in Vancouver and Tokyo. Being so far away from “home,” family and friends this blog’s my way of keeping in touch with everyone, all the things I’d love to chit chat and share given we had the time and not living in different continents, timezones, etc.


2 Comments to “Hello world!”

  1. Dia, this blog is very creative with beautiful photos. Now I see that you are actual building your abode. Good for you!

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