floor levelling done!

I think I spoke too soon, cutting reinforcements the other direction to match was far from easy, take a look at the pics, no need to explain.

This shim building to level took my husband and brother a total of 8 days and one focused finger, happy to confirm the finger’s still intact, just mangled and healing, good that that’s behind us now. And of course to carry on with the spirit of gibbly, I had both bottom wisdom teeth pulled this past friday too, a week in pain here. Cheers to a speedy recovery says my friend E, she came over today with a freshly baked coconut pound cake and homemade peanut butter cream cookies. Surprise! Blame it on the weather, it’s grey, overcast for days now, and the idea of baking cakes and cookies indoors is in the air, well they are at the Posey house. Living near the coast and this marine layer is not letting up, just drive a bit inland and it’s sunny, blue skies, weird. All good though, pile out season’s officially on. Now if only I could dive into these sweet treats without a stiff jaw and full use of all my teeth…tommorrow for sure. Speak of the devil, the sun’s peaking through the clouds, on and off, it’s trying and what a great way to start the week.

No rest for the injured here, work must go on and they built a frame for the master bath tub too, we’re now ready for some hardwood floors, I think we found them.


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