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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

It’s been awhile since my last post, there’s no reason, sometimes busy, sometimes not. The house is not done, there’s all those odds and ends still, dude smashing and breaking his finger on a surfboard out in the water kinda slows things down a bunch too. So yes, we’re stalled now as I’m not very skilled when it comes to table saws and routers and things, I’ll spare us the grief as it seems danger, danger lurks lately. Friends also visiting from far away and our youngest visitor of course gets wiped out by a wave, left with a mega elbow a.k.a. a supracondylar fracture…poor thing.

Then the earth rattled a bit over the weekend too, reminding us all who’s boss. I didn’t feel it on the floor, just the windows doing a sudden dance. It felt more like the impact of an explosion or something, scary but at least we didn’t topple, still standing. So much for my joking about completing the house and then getting wiped out by an earthquake, yeah, not so far-fetched of a thought now and how that would suck, no? And as for impact and things falling, the birds will keep that up around here, no need to wait for “the quake” as there’s not a day that goes by without a few birds flying into a window at full speed and all that’s left are feathers on glass

as they fall straight to their death.

And so in the spirit of collisions, broken bones and possible death around here I wish you a happy 4th! Topping it off with a eucalyptus framed fireworks show courtesy of the resort nearby and right from our deck, sweet!