Still here, still much for the Mayan calendar doom and gloom to kickstart our holiday this year, that and all the other heartbreaking headlines and noise this month. Getting through it and you know it only gets better, some things upsetting, some things wonderful, all said and done things moving forward. Peace! Love! Happy Holidays everyone!

A tree this year just didn’t feel right for me, I opted instead to find some tree branches and foliage from our neighbor’s yard, stick them in a large pitcher and voila! xmas!


A neighbor had too many xmas decorations and gifted us with a fresh wreath too, sweet!


A new neighbor also decided to cut down five 20+year-old eucalyptus trees. Kind of off to a scary start when the neighbor’s gardener decides to act as a one man tree service. 3 trees down, a section of our fence focused and he finally enlists some help. At the end of it all he was lucky to have broken only a few shoulder bones, a trip to the ER, his arm in a sling and he was back at it the next day, laughing at his near miss, could of been knocked dead scenario..maniac.


Free gifts of eucalyptus mulch and firewood for years now so we’ve been busy splitting and stacking wood. Not the most ideal task right now as the stronger of us has an injured shoulder but it’s gotta get done and help from our neighbor was really nice. We just started and there’s still so much more to go.


Let’s just all wish for a safe and happy holiday, safe with an exclamation mark this year! Take the neighbor’s fat cat, Bubbles as a prime example, one day he’s lounging belly up and the next night his nose gets sliced off in a late night brawl with what must of been a bobcat or something…oh the fat cat that thinks he’s a dog always learning the hard way.



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