Time flies and with no drastic change in temperature it goes without much notice down here. We’re still at a comfortable 90° in October and I’m daydreaming midst the heatwaves staring at pics of an amazing home in the mountains. snap out of the heat and celebrate seasons when there are none with a trip to the montagnes maybe? retire the sandals and summer gear and let’s go somewhere cool? Season etiquette, do I have to retire my favorite Celine wedges this fall/winter? Is wearing espadrilles this time of year like not wearing white past Labor day? Or do I get a pass cause I live in San Diego where you really can do summer all year round. Thoughts?

So back to this house, Khyber Ridge that I’ve been admiring in beautiful Whistler, BC, a  jaw-dropping view and what do ya know? The owner of the dreamy residence was once roommates with my other half way back when they were kids living the dream, snowboarding for a living in gorgeous Whistler, of course back then not living in this house. Check it, there’s a lot to like.

Khyber Ridge pics via Arch Daily


2 Comments to “transition”

  1. Nice house! Is it Mark Morisettes? I it makes you feel any better, we have also been basking in sun and warm temps since July! we are on our 4th month with no rain! Just a light sprinkle. This is unheard of in BC! So here we are, oct 5, and the kids are still going to school in shorts, and I’m in my sandals. It’s amazing!!

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    • Yes, dude thought it was pretty random the article I was looking at was Mark’s house, small world or what? I know it’s ridiculous to complain about heat but who wouldn’t want to call that pad home for a season..nice to hear you guys are getting an Indian summer, enjoy it!

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