Enjoy the weather lately? It was so windy here and stormy too over the weekend. Good thing I was at home with a fire going just watching out through the large picture windows and it was like mother nature was bitch slapping the house, even if only for an hour that one episode when it rained cats and dogs on Saturday was pretty epic. And rushing out in our rubber boots to clear the debris from all the drains..um, not so much. Oh the joys of living on a hill! and who knew our sloping driveway easily doubles as a water slide, of course it’s a rushing stream of water headed straight to our garage door, not the most ideal scenario and you can imagine how vital working drains are around here. Anyways, cheers to spring! Bring it, bring it!

I want this vintage floral Attic and Barn Kuredo dress at Madewell

and these peeptoe Ferro sandals at Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Lovely, no?


2 Comments to “spring!”

  1. Pretty colors too, madewell rocks as does your blog!

  2. I love Madewell. That floral dress is so perfect for Spring!

    From Brooklyn with love,


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