still here

My trip’s been postponed til next month now and I’m still here nudging away on the house, it’s all for the best as our crew has diminished from 3 to 2 now, just me and dude are left to wrap it all up.  So yeah, after nearly 6 months of Cali surf and sun and being the extra hands to help out with our house my brother just left to return home. And no, we couldn’t have taken on this project without all the free labor and critical support from our families, so very thankful for all the good will.

Finally countertops on the brain lately and we went with a Silestone quartz. We were back and forth on the color, from a lighter shade with a natural vein to a flat light grey with no natural vein, the decision’s been made now and there’s no turning back, you’ll see soon enough, the install is late next week.

And then I came across these morroccan tiles and I thought oooh pretty, colorful and fun and so very different from what we’re doing. I do love it though, the colors and patterns do inspire just perhaps for another house, another kitchen, another lifetime maybe..

photo from TimeOut New York

photo from Kitchen Clarity


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