Slowly moving into our home this month and whether I like it or not I can see clearly what I’m missing decor wise, dreaming of what I want of course and the reality of what my teeny tiny budget will allow. Inspired nonetheless to slowly get it together. Yes, a home will always be a work in progress, collecting and editing, let the ideas keep rolling and don’t stop with the elbow grease of course. My friend, Ray way back from my high school days, who now lives in beautiful Vancouver, BC recently posted a photo of a lamp he made one day for his wife, sweet.

Cat as decor works and check out Ray’s design and process for That Lisa Lamp, his petagonal sphere, dodecahedron masterpiece.

Crafty fingers indeed and there’s so much you can do yourself, makes me think I can tackle my own possible lamp project. I’m back and forth on this one, I have these ceramic chess vases that I bought on Gilt, I’m thinking they’d be a great base for a lamp, done up with a simple shade for a bedside table, pretty, no? Problem is I just can’t pull myself to drill a hole in them and rig it up lamp style, it’s a little scary, ya think?


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