a concrete countertop and on the other side of the ocean

Another year under our belt and despite my new kitchen not installed yet, no grand dinners at home cause of it, we still managed to have a relaxing holiday with lots of good food and drinks while we worked on the house with pandora radio keeping our ears happy. If you don’t know, it’s a personalized internet radio service site that’s free and it usually gets it right with its suggestions, sometimes it f***s with me though and thinks I must be a jazz fan, that and some random nobody metal band, really? An immediate thumbs down on those selections. Overall pandora’s a great service for music fans (free too) while we work on the house. The guys this week started building a concrete countertop for the downstairs bathroom vanity, hope it works.

This holiday I also caught up on frivolous stuff too like watching the entire season of PBS’s Downton Abbey and Showtime’s The Tudors. I’m a sucker for period dramas and stories, the costumes, the accents, the politics of the day, it always manages to be an all encompassing escape for me from my everyday. It reminds me of the last time I met up with my parents in Laos, it sort of became a long history lesson via film for me as well. Because of how hot it can get during the day it’s normally an early rise and shine for everyone, all our errands and visiting at my family’s textile shop is done first thing in the morning and usually back at home by noon, safe from the blazing afternoon heat. My afternoons then would be spent watching random dvds I’d find over there, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. No theaters around and it’s the only way you get to watch any kind of foreign movie so I’d stock up on all the older period flicks, my history lesson for the day while waiting for the sun to cool down. In a remote city in South East Asia and yet at the same time I’m swept away in the stories of the English countryside, completely opposite ends of the spectrum and just like that though it happens. So yeah, it sucks that my family’s far away and if only the other side of the world was just a short trip away, how nice that’d be, hopefully soon I’ll see everyone again.

Early morning traffic in Vientiane, Laos

Make way for the tuk tuks too.

My cousin, Mali rummaging through all the handwoven silk.

Getting groceries for the day. Vendors selling their fresh produce, farmers markets all along the street everyday all day, supermarkets don’t exist here.

No lack of amazing street food too.

The original Emerald Buddha Temple is in Vientiane. Humble temple grounds, it’s a quiet retreat right in the middle of the city that’s still standing after so many battles and wars, so much history here.

Our mode of transportation in the ‘hood with my mom.

And every night we get pretty sunsets along the Mekong River right behind our house.


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