happy new year!

Saucing it up this new year weekend Canadian style! Caesars! Cheers to a grand 2012 everyone!

It’s a fogdog new year’s in Encinitas right now, the marine layer just won’t let up and you know I’m starting this new year drinking lots of water, starting to rid my body of the holiday’s poison with 21 days to a new you, Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean detox, it makes sense and it works, amazing results,  just follow the book.

Or if you want some more of last night’s poison, the unconventional way to cure your hangover, here’s the story. Clamato has always been known to be a Canadian thing so I figure it must be a fairly recent addition on store shelves in the States now, so yeah of course I was happy to come across it this holiday and I’ve been enjoying again what the Clamato site refers to as “Canada’s cocktail.” I remember ordering a “caesar” at the AquaGrill in NYC a few years ago and the waiter gave me that huh? look, like what country bumpkin just rolled into town kinda deal, good thing my husband cleared it up and told him it was a bloody mary. Whatever you want to call it, a caesar/a bloody mary/a red snapper or the Mexican version “sangrita,” no vodka but with a Corona or light beer instead, this has got to be one of my all time favorite cocktails. I’ve always preferred savory over sweet and fruity and this drink is just that. I also tried using the only natural Bloody Mary Mix on the shelf, Mc.Ilhenny Co. Tobasco Brand Tomato Cocktail, 100% juice, no preservatives, no corn syrup and crap. Reluctantly I’ll have to admit it’s just not as tasty though, kinda tomato soup-ish, you’ll have to doctor it up yourself with salt and pepper and a squeeze of fresh lime, some cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce and some cholula or tapatio or chipotle hot sauce, it takes a little work to get it right, it can be done though. And if you’re local and too lazy to bother, the bartenders at Robbie’s Roadhouse on the coast highway whip up a very good spicy bloody mary, a good neighborhood spot to meet up for happy hour any day of the week.

The original Bloody Caesar was created in 1969 at Marco’s Italian restaurant at the Calgary Inn (now the Westin Calgary) in Calgary, Alberta by the food and beverage manager, Walter Chell. Inspired from the flavors of spaghetti vongole, he combined sweet (tomato juice), salty (clam nectar), sour (lime), spicy (Worcestershire sauce) and bitter (celery salt) into his new concoction. He named it after the Roman emperor and legend has it that he served one to an Englishman who happily exclaimed “That’s a good bloody Caesar!” Very tasty! Try it.

Bloody Caesar (makes 1 cocktail)

1 oz. Belvedere vodka

4 oz. Clamato Tomato Cocktail

Over ice, add the vodka and Clamato, a squeeze of fresh lime juice, mix and shake well. For added zest, rim the serving glass with salt and pepper or celery salt, garnish with a slice of lime or a celery stick or some large green olives. Voila! Easy!

Bloody Mary/The Red Snapper (makes 1 cocktail)

1 oz. Belvedere vodka

2 oz. tomato juice

1 dash of lime juice

2 dashes salt

2 dashes black or white pepper

2 dashes cayenne pepper

3 dashes Worcestershire sauce

a few dashes of chipotle hot sauce to taste

Mix everything together over ice and shake well. For added zest, rim the serving glass with salt and pepper, garnish with a slice of lime.


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