interior doors

This latest task of installing the interior doors for the house feels like it’s taking forever, a total of 9 solid mahogany wood doors we custom ordered through Timberline Mouldings in San Marcos and Lee at Builders Trading Company in Leucadia had 3 interior solid fir doors in his shop that we got for the rooms downstairs. Of course all 12 prehung doors were unfinished so for the past couple of weeks we’ve been knee deep sanding, staining, clear coats to smooth and matte, then screwing the doors into place to level before installing the hardware, also having to stain and install all the mouldings too, yeah, what a process! So many steps and you know I’m happy to not see another door for a long time, like never again suits me fine too. Almost done and not sure what my final consensus on the doors are yet. Right now I’m thinking I like how the fir doors turned out, the grain’s not so busy and the color more consistent, mahogany looks a bit busier and the variations in color, etc. just not feeling it so much, who knows? it takes a couple weeks for the clear coat to completely dry to matte and  I’m hoping it’ll grow on me then, whatever the case, it’s too late to change my mind, it’s been so much work and you can’t exchange custom ordered doors. Construction and reno pains, right?


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