Merry Festivus everyone! Hope you’ve been relaxing and sharing some great meals with friends and family this holiday weekend. It’s been super hectic this past week, did the L.A. commute multiple times, some unreasonable situations and a mad dash for my husband early Thursday morning to the airport too. Yeah, it’s been awhile since flying anywhere during the holidays and how quickly you’re reminded that there’s no such thing as a simple trip during this time, to Sacramento and back in a day, as if the counter lines weren’t long enough, check the security lines at 6:30am, it was out the door, around the corner and wrapped around the baggage claim area. Just glad the week’s over and done with and this weekend’s all about quiet nights at home enjoying wonderful dishes all day long, every day with loved ones. E once again had us over for an amazing holiday dinner, fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes, vegetarian stuffing, baked beans, green beans and golden beets and perfectly seared peppercorn ahi for the pescatarians in the house, an amazing honey baked ham too, a sinful homemade macadamia nut pie and pumpkin pie for dessert, homemade sugarplums, the best homemade black walnut and french vanilla ice cream too, stuffed is an understatement. Happy holiday? no doubt.


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