past xmas’

Happy Holidays everyone!!! Tis the season for traditions and great food, time to reflect on good and the beauty that’s all around us. In this spirit we had our own little tradition going for awhile, we’d do a road trip of some kind over the holidays. The west coast as home and to head east or north or south and even west has always been a nice escape, just the two of us exploring a new town on xmas eve and xmas day. We used to do this, life happens and sometimes we just stay home now, we bought a house, we’re rooted and it’s pretty here too. Have a wonderful weekend!

Xmas eve 2004 in beautiful Barriere, BC Canada. We just got married the day before.

Xmas eve 2005 at Joshua Tree, CA

Xmas day sunset 2006 in Encinitas, CA

Xmas day 2007 on Catalina Island, CA

Xmas day 2008 in Santa Barbara, CA

Xmas day 2009 at home in our yard. Encinitas, CA



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