a cedar closet

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Found 5 boxes of these unused miscellaneous solid cedar panels that someone was about to throw in a dumpster, they’ve since been rescued and it’s now a brand new cedar wall in the master bedroom closet. An afternoon spent nailing cedar panels with Neil Young for company and when he sings, “everytime I think about back home, it’s cool and breezy” I couldn’t help but think, that’s an understatement folks, we both know well that Winnipeg right about now is freezing. The cold definitely brings out the Canadian in me, and why when complaining about my freezing fingers and toes it’s always punctuated with an “eh” and all my sentences there after are too until I find a heater and warm up? Strangely it’s been so frickin cold here lately, we are getting a rare spell of chilly Santa Ana’s, who knew they blew cold? Then I look at the temperature and it’s only 11C, not even close to how cold Canadian winters are where I grew up. Just maybe 11C along the SoCal coast feels colder than below freezing in Winnipeg? NO, not buying it, more like too many winters away from Winterpeg for me and I’m just really thin-skinned now. And funny the wall we just put up looks like bacon, good thing it smells of cedar,  fancy, huh? and free, I like it. All this wood paneling is like a sneak peak of the infrared sauna I have my sights on for a corner under the stairs, the space is limited but this model should slide in by a hair…sauna, yes, please.

Bacon and Neil Young, that’s this closet’s memory.


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