In high school an old friend once signed off on the back of her tiny school portrait, the ones you exchanged with friends every year, “Another year, another hairdo” and every birthday since reminds me of that message. True? Yeah, but not really cause my hair hasn’t changed much, kinda safe and lazy like that, wearing it up has always been my cop out. And the very few times I dabbled with color..hmm, very regretful. Ashy shades are impossible for me, my hair’s never even come close, just always a couple hundred dollars poorer and a wait of two years to grow it out, no thanks! No pressure here really to the sweet person who cuts my hair a few times a year. I’m well aware of my limitations, the expectation’s never high, no hairdresser on fire scenario at all, I do believe it’s only hair and it’s not the end of the world kinda stuff.

Well my 30s are flying by, goals, dreams, it’s happening or happened, en route folks and there’s much more still. The dream? Don’t look too far, most times its right there and what do I know? It’s pretty sweet! A roof over your head, great food and family, friends and music, and yeah, I’m still working on that trip to the south of France. Thanon-les Bains, yeah you, it may seem like you got buried under all the sawdust that’s been our lives for 2 years, but no, I did not forget about you, we’re there, it’s a date sooner than later, I promise.

Indeed a very long time since the days when the most pressing issue was exchanging school photos and writing clever messages. And my 20s? well that was just a mess of a time that I thought then was so awesome but then again you’re 20something, what do ya know really? Now I know my 30s have been the best so far, you know more, you shrug fuzz to the side better and you just be, being and eating cake, sweet!


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