tide pools

My friend Phil shared these photos he took of the tide pools at Swami’s on black friday, skipped out on holiday shopping madness and a day at the beach exploring was a much better idea. This past weekend San Diego’s tides were at some of their lowest points, Swami’s beach, Cardiff State beach and Torrey Pines beach, some of the areas best tide pools. Check out Swami’s, it’s real pretty!

The new moon is hanging between the palm fronds, can you see it? And if you look you can see Venus too, about 5 o’clock from the moon and just above the small palm tree, I see it.

As the tide recedes during the afternoon the reefs are exposed.

A large reef formation and you find all sorts of sea creatures living in the pools or hiding under rocks, hermit crabs, oysters, anemone, shrimp, sand crabs, octopi, small fish and 45 million year old fossil shells

starfish too…and I know these guys, the dad is a famous ukulele maker, sweet family.

The weather has been so nice lately, no complaints. What a nice way to start the holidays, now onto merry and ho, ho, ho…


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