strand bamboo floor

Shim building to level finally a thing of the past and laying plywood down was no easy task either, thankful for the 2 heavy duty impact drills our stucco guy, Glen and one of the guys laying our stone, Julio let us borrow, it made the process go by a lot quicker. For downstairs we rented a cement grinder for a day  from BJ’s Rentals in Encinitas to insure for a smooth install, just one last thing to make the concrete level.

Purchasing flooring, easy? Surprisingly there weren’t too many places in San Diego that had much engineered hardwood click lock floors and even more shocking was that most of the sales people were clueless when it came to the product, weird, especially since we moved here from a city where condos are big and installing an engineered click lock floor is the norm. So yeah, we’ve finally got to installing the floors. So much for driving around the city stopping at floor shops all day, after telling our friend, Pete who’s doing our kitchen cabinets our horrible floor shopping experience he suggested we check out the Cali Bamboo site, they’re local, a premier manufacturer of green building materials made entirely from bamboo and they give back by participating in 1% for the Planet, you can’t hate on that, sweet!

And after seeing a sample of their floors we went with Cali Bamboo’s strand engineered bamboo click flooring in their Java color. With a high Janka rating and set on plywood, no MDF and click lock too which means no glue and an easier install, it’s a really solid, great quality floor, it met all the criteria we were looking for and just within our budget, with larger plank lengths too, we’re happy with it!

curbside delivery


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