stone and tile

Lee from Builders Trading Company once again delivered. We went by there having already checked out the prices of our ideal tile/stone at other retail stores in the neighborhood and yes, we got lucky again at Lee’s shop. He had just received the remnants from a reno of a fancy restaurant in La Jolla, lucky for us they overbought on tile and now their leftovers are the tile and stone we’re using for our bathrooms, it works. Rectangular vein cut travertine for the showers and floors and a textured porcelain chestnut tile that’s cut in wood plank lengths for the master bath floor and under the stairs storage area.

We’re also using the same chestnut porcelain tile but in a larger rectangular shape for our slab under the wood burning stove in the living room. As it was remnants from a previous job we got all our tile for 60-70% off of what your normal retail tile store would quote, good quality stuff too, such a sweet deal. Having a place like Builders Trading Company in the neighborhood for a huge reno on a slim budget has been awesome, especially since the budget was blown a month ago, we’re pulling a hat trick now, for sure check it.


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