Picking stone, easy and fun? Not really. Honestly, there weren’t many color schemes in stone veneer in our budget range that we were too crazy about. Wrong colors, wrong shapes, too fake looking and I was getting very weary as nothing came close to my ideal stone picks. Of course after a long day of driving all over San Diego looking at stone it always happens like this, we end up not having to drive very far at all and settled on VeneerStone’s Mendocino stack stone that we purchased at our local Home Depot and it looks alright. Phew.. I was a little nervous. Thanks to Louis and Julio for putting it up, it turned out not bad, not bad at all.

The original house’s front fir door is now our garage side door, surprisingly after peeling 4 layers of paint off of it we saw the outline of the original house numbers still remained, those numbers now face the inside of the door. We still haven’t gotten around to staining/sealing the door properly…soon though, for now all that matters is it locks and works properly. All the shelving and storage in the garage was also built using reclaimed lumber from the house’s original walls. We try to recycle as much as we can here, one less purchase and every bit helps.

And now onto stucco…after a few color tests on the wall, we went with a color they didn’t even have a sample of to test on our wall, so we just winged it and it went up on the garage walls first, it’s dark, huh? and then it rained and we had to buy some hay to protect the newly stucco’d wall from puddles splashing water back onto it, hay, really? Good thing horse stables are nearby, hay just down the road.    


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