Do as Martha does…right? My husband loves that one, so much so, it’s always received with a heavy eye roll. This home reno process has been a long one so yeah, everyday I’m reminded of the reasons for demolishing and rebuilding a home, it’s so we’ll have a house with finishings to our liking, our aesthetic, right? Martha’s Turkey Hill kitchen with the hanging pot rack and gorgeous copper has always been on my dream list,  “dreaming” of course cause I know it would be the most impractical thing for me, for one, I’m not the tallest and two, I’m far too lazy to deal with the dust that’s sure to collect on hanging  pots and pans, the same reason why the idea of open shelving like her Bedford kitchen quickly was ticked off my wish list too.

Understood I don’t have that kind of kitchen and hate the idea of installing something that requires more dusting nor will I ever have that many copper pots and pans (her hanging collection there is bank). My copper collection only consists of 6 pots and pans and one large beating bowl, my mega scores from weekly trips to the local Home Goods and TJ Maxx, sometimes ya get lucky and find overstock of discounted French Mauviel or Baumalu 2mm copper cookware. So yeah, copper’s too pretty to just store away in a dark cupboard or drawer so I was thinking how about this sort of thing on the side of some cupboards or something that I saw on Remodelista awhile back? scaled down a bit, a humble version? kind of, not really..

Channeling french countryside, a warm copper kinda vibe. Negative. Especially since the only cupboard sides to possibly hang pots and pans off of directly face into the living room or it’d be the first thing you’d see if you came in through the side door, so yeah, no, not happening, visually can’t live with it and who wants to ruin the side of Pete’s gorgeous cabinets. The solution my husband and father-in-law came up with was this one skinny corner off of the dining area/kitchen, in front of walled off ducting, have a custom glass-sided cabinet built in to hold all my pretty bone china, serveware and copper just like Martha’s Bedford house, awesome! compromise we can live with.

So remember, when you design a house with huge floor to ceiling picture windows and glass sliding doors, there’s not much room for furniture pieces unless you want to block the view which goes against the reason for having all the glass installed in the first place. So yeah, just find a nook and cranny somewhere that’s not set off of glass and build something, as skinny of a corner it may be it should work, and as Martha would say, “more storage space, it’s a good thing.” Can you picture it? It’s really teeny, tiny, 119″H x 19.5″W x 12.5″D my skinny corner, stay tuned.


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