laser level

We bought a 50+ year old home, which also means we bought a house on a foundation that just sort of sunk in one corner over an inch, be it because of a tree too close to the house or whatever, shit happens, it’s old. Taking into account the sinking in one corner bit we built the now existing new frame of the house level, so last week we tackled levelling the upstairs floors to match up with the level frame, and success. We couldn’t have done it without our friend, Ray’s laser level, it made the process so much easier, not an easy process by any means but just easier, a few less grey hairs to add to the noggan is always a plus near the end of a 2 year reno. Just waiting on the plywood to be delivered now, we’ll then add a bunch of reinforcement shims spanning the other way and lay the plywood over that, this first part of leveling was the hard part, the rest should be easier, I hope.


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