Morning coffee and pastries from Darshan Bakery & Cafe on 2nd street in Encinitas and I see someone I know, fellow Leucadian, Ken’s having his morning coffee, reading the paper, small world. The pastries and cakes are so good here, their sandwiches too, you can’t go wrong. The owners are also Canadians, hailing from Quebec and doing their magic with sugar and butter. I’ve noticed that there’s a strong contingency of  people from Commonwealth countries who live in the area and if you ask any of them, why Encinitas? the response is really? look around, you can’t beat it, sun, surf, desert, city, mountains, every which way around you is sweet!

Croissants and a pull-a-part with coffee while I read the day’s headlines. A piece of french baguette too to dip into my coffee. Soggy coffee bread reminds me of my dad, as a kid I’d plead my case that I was old enough to try coffee, he’d finally relent and let me dip my toast in his coffee cup, now I don’t have to ask.


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