Mondrian Soho

The Mondrian Soho is real pretty and a great location too with wonderful staff. Tucked away on a quiet street in Soho, 9 Crosby St., around the corner from Little Italy and Chinatown, a nice walk to the LES and mere steps away from the bustling parts of Soho, this place delivers. I was told the decor theme was beauty and the beast, beast being the city and beauty the hotel, light pale wood floors and white marble with blue and white accents/trim, inspired by Belle’s dress.

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Imperial No. 9 in the morning

and at night for dinner

and a cocktail at the hotel lobby lounge in between, Cocktail #2 was my favorite; prosecco, peach puree, a twist of lime.

and I love the pale hardwood floors, must be reclaimed old hardwood and oh, how I wish we could have them installed in our house.

lots of blue

and the view from our room. The empire state building changes its lights? very colorful tonight.

out front


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