Builders Trading Co.

Builders Trading Company right next to Leucadia Surf Shop and the tiny post office on PCH, safe to say we are friends! There are so many good deals there, the inventory’s always changing, some old remnants and new stuff too, high quality brands at a good price. This is where we found a pretty set of salvaged accordian doors that we designed our 500sq ft. guest house around, hands down the best feature of the simple design.

Lee delivers fancy at bargain prices, in our most recent case, Albertinid! We just installed a pair of  salvaged front and side mahogany doors that were taken out of an older home, they run a bit more traditional than what we’d ideally want but the price was just too right to pass up on the quality and workmanship. My father-in-law custom-built and stained the door frames to match, out of African Mahogany that we got from Saroyan Lumber in San Marcos. One less thing off of our neverending checklist.

Our stone order has been delivered, we passed our building inspection last week with flying colors, heat/duct work is ok, insulation is up this week, mangaris soffit looks real pretty, and stone and drywall to follow.


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