I recently discovered fresh sardines with sea salt over a hot grill, a no brainer that’s definitely changed my opinion on sardines which have always been out of a tin can, rather boring, not very exciting. I had some the other weekend at SeaRocket Bistro in North Park, San Diego with my friend, Phil and we’re hooked. I grew up eating grilled mackerel so I was expecting them to be somewhat similar, but actually when grilled they are very mellow/subtle in flavor with a delicate flesh that pulls away real easy from the bones. I’ll be checking for them now at the local fishmongers, not expensive, good for you and so easy that I can’t believe I discovered the grilled kind just now, wowzers! I’ve been missing out for so long.


4 Comments to “sardines”

  1. Grilled sardines are so amazing. I went to Spain recently and they produced lots of these little wonders, they were simply grilled on a barbecue. Spectacular.

  2. I’ve never seen this before – grilled sardines that is – looks good

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