chimney, drainage, furnace stuff

Chimney for the wood burning stove is up, drainage pipe is in place and water will now feed the garden, plants and trees on the lower level of the yard.

The furnace and heating ducts and what not stuff are done too, the guys banged it out in 4 days.


2 Comments to “chimney, drainage, furnace stuff”

  1. Wow! Looks great! I thought you were only re-doing the interior but this looks like a completely new structure. Is my memory getting that bad?

    • no, your memory’s fine, we thought we could work with the existing skeleton but after the demo we realized it would be easier to start from nothing instead of trying to fix and line up the past 50+ yrs of settling and mistakes, so yeah, we got a new house now! what a crazy long year it’s been! you tweet?! jk

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