Eating sweet summer lychees and look Dave, your mom’s tiny orchid has new blooms! My friend, Dave moved his mom out of her home to a nursing home with 24hr care in Northern California this past spring and I became the new caretaker to some of her houseplants. I love how organized she is, some plants came with care instructions and their own plant food too. I’ve never met Dave’s mom but I think of her every time I look at her plants and I’m thrilled they’re thriving.

It seems to be that we’re the rescue drop-off for indoor and outdoor plants, trees and shrubs, thanks to our friends and neighbors! With our long list of house renos they just know that plants and flowers aren’t on the budget so it’s nice to live in SoCal where I can step outside my door year round, pick buds off of the new plants in the yard and when they look weak, well there’s always my neighbor, Paige’s yard which is pretty much a flower shop across the street, her mom always shares a rose bud or two with me, very sweet!

Above: the rescue collection is growing. Below: rescued cacti need to be put in the ground soon

Beekeeper Stu came by the other morning with a bright green dragonfruit plant

and just some of the rescued queen palms that have been planted.


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