When we first moved into our house last year a neighbor came by to welcome us to the street with a loaf of bread and a bottle of honey he collected from the beehives he keeps. A baker and a beekeeper two doors down, sweet!

A few weeks ago my neighbor, Stu said it was time to change out the screens from the hives in his backyard. With all the rain over the winter and the flowers going off it turned out to be a very productive spring for the bees so he was collecting honey a bit earlier than usual this summer. And what a process! I had no idea. It’s pretty genius what’s involved in a bottle of raw honey, what a precious commodity it really is and how lucky am I to have access to local honey, local as local gets here, only two doors down. My mom was visiting at the time and she made sure to take a few bottles back to Laos with her for my 97 year old grandmother as it’s hard to get raw honey in Asia now. The lack of food regulations and greed, most claims of 100% raw honey being sold are actually mixed with corn syrup, yuck! Here’s a  Globe and Mail article I read awhile back about the global honey problem, it’s pretty sad and geeze indeed to a struggling and corrupted industry.

Turn on the smoker, convince the bees there’s a forest fire, in a frenzy they’ll gorge themselves on honey, get too fat to fight, too full to bother stinging.


brush the screens clear of debris, heat up the electric knife blade

turn the wheel, drip, honey drip… then pass the collected honey through a double stainless steel sieve and let it rest, now ready to pour and store in airtight containers. Voila! Sweet honey  and beeswax that’s perfect for waxing, just in time for summer, score and score!

Thanks to my neighbor, Stuart and his wife, Geneal for letting my mom and I tag along, we learned so much that afternoon. xo


2 Comments to “honeybees”

  1. Nice blog! Hey, we have a bunch of bees that have taken up residence in our back yard. Do you think your neighbor would be interested in capturing and moving them to his place?

    Ed Hoffman

    • my neighbor probably will, let me ask him and I’ll get back to you. Thanks Gail for the Chanel bag, it’s the perfect size for me, I love it!

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