banh cuon

My mom just returned from a quick trip to Malaysia with some friends and lady talked my ear off. So nice to hear she had a fantastic time, the food, the sights, the people, next time I’ll have to join her.

I’m having banh cuon (Vietnamese rice crepes) today, they are lightly stuffed with peppered ground pork and thinly sliced wood mushrooms. There’s a house down the street from my mom’s place in Laos that sells these freshly made and every time I visit she always stops there on her way back from the temple every morning on her bike to get us a huge plate to share. As Laos neighbors Vietnam we grew up eating a lot of Vietnamese dishes, this one is light and easy and fresh tasting with mint and cilantro and quickly steamed bean sprouts all tossed in a tangy sweet sauce that has just a hint of fish sauce and lots of fresh lime, topped with crispy fried sliced shallots, this is my mom and I’s breakfast of champions! My mom’s dear friend, mae Loth always made these for us growing up in Canada, she was our local pro rice crepe maker and I will be sharing the recipe on a future post. Today I bought rice crepes from Song Huong Restaurant inside Vinh Hung Vietnamese Market in Mira Mesa, it’s easy and tasty, just like mae Loth’s and just like the lady down the street from my mom’s.


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