my stash

Life’s been pretty hectic lately, from my other half’s failed attempt at a 24hr trip to the east coast on friday night for an event, instead turning into an all nighter at the San Diego airport because of a not functioning properly plane, then to be bumped again off the rebooked flight in the morning because of the inefficiency of the airline check-in staff, we will have to say no thanks to U. S. Airways for any future travel. At the airport friday evening and back at home by 7am saturday, what a horrible way to start the weekend.

And I’m kind of loving candy lately. These gummies and suckers from Yummy Earth are organic, no corn syrup, no crap. Mango tango’s my favorite. There’s a bunch of them on sale at Home Goods near the front check out in Encinitas right now, go get a bag or 2 or 20 like me. Our plates are full and it’s nice to just plug in headphones, turn up the music, eat candy and forget everything. Walk and don’t look back.


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