rug ideas

I’ve been searching for years now for a nice wool rug. The search made harder by the fact that I’m working with limited funds on this item, it must be a deal. To date I’ve only lucked out once, something I can live with, it’s pretty but there’s more than one room that needs a rug so I keep patiently looking. I saw these pics of one of the buyers for Opening Ceremony’s home in Williamsburg, NY and it gave me hope, pretty rugs do exist. The rug Kate Foley has in her closet is pretty, I need one just like that for my bedroom. It’s bright, different shapes, kinda abstract navajo-ish, a direction I thought I’d never go but I saw the pic and it strikes me as perfect, I love and waannt! The story behind it makes it even more special, she salvaged it from famous photographer, Patrick Demarchelier’s studio. It was used as a prop for a shoot and was going to be thrown away. Whaat? that’s crazy. Score! I’m liking the one off of the kitchen too, you can see a sliver of it below the kitchen counter, the colors and pattern are pretty as well. The rug under the dining room table is bold, it works. All pics from Refinery 29.


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