let me eat cake

Rainy morning, sunny afternoon and I met my friend, Mami at the Mira Mesa Farmer’s Market at Mira Mesa High School on Reagan Rd, it runs from 3pm to 7pm every Tuesdays.

We meet there ’cause of the cake stand, Le Rendez-Vous Bakery out of Oceanside. I’m in love with his key lime cheesecake and pastry cream anything, his baguettes are pretty awesome, throw in a croissant or two too. The baker is a Vietnamese guy who speaks english with a perfect french accent, brings you back to the days of french colonized Vietnam, Indochine, Catherine Deneuve, Marguerite Duras’s “The Lover.” Anyways, his stand is busy and it’s well worth the wait. Check it.

The cake guy is also at my neighborhood farmer’s market every Sunday from 10am-2pm at Paul Ecke Elementary School on Union Street (cross street Vulcan) in Encinitas. I always go bright and early as this market is one of the busier ones, it’s on the weekend and there’s a lot of vendors. I try to beat the crowds, always stocking up on bread for the week, the country loaf is really good and samosas from the Masala Cottage stand always makes a nice lunch, bright and early also means first dibs on fresh seafood.


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