next level

Around here it’s been a full on recycling/re-purposing construction zone from day 1 as we are all like-minded like that. It’s amazing how much money you can save when you do the research. But really now, who has construction workers who cook their lunches via sun? The other morning I was driving away from the house and I notice a red pot in a box. My first thoughts were I need to remind them they have full access to the kitchen. I came back from my errand and checked the thing out, a sun oven, how awesome! Getting as hot as 350degrees, they were having chili hotdogs for lunch, next level or what?! Sun ovens cost a couple hundred dollars and in sunny SoCal, I’m sold!


One Comment to “next level”

  1. Hi, I LOVE Dia’s blog. I think she is an amazing writer, and captivates the essence of beautiful and simple fruits of life. The way she describes life daily and the happenings in our lives and hers, is so captivating and beautifully done. Dia is Magic and i urge anyone who would like to know more about Life’s little vibes and grooves to read her blog at least once over. She is a rock and rolling writer, a vibing grooving feel gooder and I totally dig her blog, and you will too!

    Much love and light

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