The plants, as neglected as they are aren’t doing so bad. The epiphyllums surprised me this week with the prettiest fragrant fuschia blooms, succulents are in full bloom too, even my orchid has new buds, crazy cause it’s been close to dead many times. I can see fruit on both the nectarine and cheremoya tree. And I know we have a bunch of sedated bunnies around here cause they’ve chewed the valerian plants to shit and now they’re sleeping cozy under our temporary makeshift porch. This one baby bunny the size of my fist sat on the stairs for hours today. We walked passed it a bunch of times, I even stuck a camera 2 inches from its face and snapped a few pics and all it did was wiggle its nose. Jody poked it with his finger and it still didn’t budge, just more nose wiggling, so weird. Messed up bunnies, it’s dark now and for all I know it may still be sitting there.


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