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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Elizabeth Taylor recently passed away and I can only imagine how she felt about each and every piece of her stunning jewelry collection, what a life! R.I.P Dame Elizabeth.

Don’t you love how certain items that you either bought for yourself or were given to you bring back memories, a specific time or place. I love this Dinh Van bracelet I got for myself when I first moved to Tokyo, it was tiny, delicate 18k gold and it instantly struck me as mine, the perfect way to celebrate my move overseas. I was 24 years old, first time ever living alone in a foreign land far away from everything and everyone I’d known. Looking back now I couldn’t have picked a safer city to move to.

Mami’s favorite piece of jewelry is her diamond bumblebee pearl pendant gold necklace from Dior Joaillerie. At the time she was doing PR for Dior Homme in Tokyo and was shown this necklace by a colleague and it was an instant “kawaii” moment. Fact being, her paycheck for that week instantly vanished too, pouf! No regrets, the necklace is timeless, it works with casual outfits and on fancy days too, like her wedding.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


It seems like we’ve been in construction/reno mode forever now, we’re actually well into our second year of this building project; house, garage, backyard studio/guest house and I’m looking forward to the day when the building inspector signs off, OCCUPANCY PERMITTED! Only a few more months away and I’m getting excited, lots of progress lately and we are deciding on the finishings now. Tons of research¬† and creative manoeuvring, especially since we are working on a very tight budget; what’s feasible, comparable, and most importantly if the price is right. In a perfect world we’d have opted for vaulted ceilings but the custom built roof beams were way expensive so we decided on rafters with a 10ftceiling instead, affordable and it still gives the main room some height, so yeah, those kinds of tweaks occur often around here.

After 2 years of looking for a house we found this old 1950s home that had been sitting on the market for months in need of some major work. It’s like the house was there all along just waiting for us. Life is perfect like that, Dia lives in Leucadia, how else would it be?

We’re thankful to our architect friend, Eric Johnson for giving us the thumbs up on our plans, can this wall go? will this work? We then put an offer in and here we are today, home. My father-in-law, Mike who has been known to have built a house or two drew up the house just as we wished. We then met an amazing draftsperson, Phil Carruthers who came out of semi-retirement and drew the plans to submit to the city. Some very minor glitches along the way, expected on such a big project, nothing major though and here we are, a few more months to go, yay!