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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Meet Mami, my dear friend and vital contributor of all things fashion, whimsy and fun here. She used to do PR for some major fashion houses, Marni, Chloe, Dior Homme, etc. in her hometown, Tokyo and has an amazing closet to show for it. That was and seems like ages ago. She has since traded that in for a slower paced life in San Diego, married and now a new mother to her cute baby daughter, Emma. Despite all the changes her love for fashion has not suffered, she is my bestie who always puts together amazing outfits. Today she came knocking “Dia, check ’em out!” pointing at her feet, “Lanvin leopard! on sale at the Rack! yah!!”

Leopard of course is one of those words I can’t say with a serious face, I just instantly think silly. I think I’ve been traumatized seeing one too many Coffee Talk skits on SNL. Mike Myers doing the stereotypical middle aged Jewish lady, Linda in her shoulder padded leopard blouse, for me that image is forever associated with leopard now, it’s horrible.

Mami on the other hand pulls it off, so fancy.

(Alexander Wang sweater, Isabel Marant pants, Lanvin heels and Mizuki gold earrings).