love and weddings

With royal buzz this week at a fever high and all eyes on London today, this BBC radio interview with Morrissey was a nice distraction since I’ve always been a huge fan. He talks about his latest “Best of…” album, a collection of singles, B sides and album tracks, the Royal Family, his autobiography and Johnny Marr’s edict to PM David Cameron. Check it.

And with so much nauseating talk and coverage of the wedding, blah, blah, blah… here’s one of my favorites, it’s all love!

My friend, Mami came by yesterday and I took these shots of her outfit. Looking at the pictures today, it’s like her own take on Kate Middleton’s royal blue engagement announcement dress, doing it up of course in one of our favorite British designers, Stella McCartney. The dress is so easy to wear and forgiving, it served Mami well when she was single, now well into married life and even pre and post pregnancy it still works for her. With or without leggings?

1. rise and shine, early morning announcement  2. royal wave  3. engaged, yeah!

4. Stella blue  5. with Em

(Stella McCartney silk dress, Uniqlo leggings, Marni suede platform heels and Dior Fine Jewelry necklace).


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