It’s been months since we’ve smelled skunk in our yard, yesterday though beastie returned, cruising through the yard en route to who knows where. It was every night awhile back, so annoying to leave our windows open only to be woken up by skunk spray. My first reaction would be to close the windows but by the time we smelled the skunk, its smell had already infiltrated our tiny 500sq foot studio. No escape, trapped by skunk stank, outside, inside and I’d be half asleep fumbling around in the dark looking for scented candles to mask the smell, lighting what normally is the prettiest rose smelling candle only to have it swamped with gross notes of skunk. No immediate solutions but to bury my head in a pillow.

The skunk issue, something of the past? More like wishful thinking. Months ago my neighbor a.k.a. “the skunk whisperer” let us borrow his trap and I used peanut butter, apples and persimmons as bait, who knew skunks were vegetarians? We covered the trap in a garbage bag and caught 3 skunks and 2 possums, all of them successfully relocated to a canyon far away. Fast becoming a pro at this and soon my guesses on the captives were dead on. Skunks clearly make it known they’ve been trapped by always giving the garbage bag a good shredding, good thing ’cause by morning it seems they’re too tired to get mad and luckily there’s been no spraying during the relocation effort.

Surprisingly holidays seem to mark a trapping too, how kind of them, there’s nothing like the gift of a skunk on thanksgiving and christmas day. Fast forward 4 months and skunk #4 has made it known it hasn’t forgotten nor forgiven us for its 3 missing members, and no rock or piece of wood that we have now blocking the hole they dug under our fence will keep them away, that would be too easy of course.


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