eat shit

These pics were taken in December, I remember that week well, our bamboo plants as well as the fruit trees from my neighbor’s yard had arrived  and we were scurrying to put them into the ground before the forecasted rain hit. We did and the record rainfall in SoCal hit hard that week. In mid reno and all the trenches dug for our foundation were flooded and we were waking up every other hour in the middle of the night to pump water out of them. It didn’t help too that our makeshift pathway of wooden planks to navigate our way out from the backyard studio were giving into the mud making me nearly eat shit every day. I couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous the situation was, my sleep deprived husband on the other hand was far from amused. So yeah, the wind never let up and the rain just kept on dumping and there we were every night standing under plastic tarps at 4 am with the only source of light being the front headlights of our parked car running in the driveway. The entire week was spent in wellies, my Aigle rubber boots served me well, love ’em cause they are shorter people friendly, they don’t run as high as Hunters and in the perfect shade of olive. I found mine for a steal on ebay and Jody prefers cheap rubber boots from Home Depot, he’s fancy like that.

Bamboo hedge and a mini orchard planted, rain gutters are up, it’s raining, a cup of hot tea, cookies all the way from Tokyo and Keith Richards.


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